Jón Karl Pálmason

Photograph,y Akureyri Iceland

My Digital art for sale
My Digital art for sale

Akureyri is a small, beautiful town. Capital of the north Iceland

I live in this beautiful little town

and I like it.


Hi my name is Jón Pálmason end my hometown Akureyri in north Iceland.While Iceland is at its peak for sunlight during the summer months, the idyllic Icelandic landscape is breathtaking at any time of year for photographers.

Iceland is a very beautiful country and has a lot to offer photographers.

photographic history for me is not long before I started in 2007.

then I have hardly put the camera away from me.

I am self-educated in this

I do not work with photography, but it would be nice.

I have managed to sell 26 photos

I've kept one photo exhibition on December 2012 and was successful, hopefully they will be more. I work as a sailor for many years and now in dry dock maintenance of ship plating and more.


Thanks for your visit to my photostream

Greetings from Iceland


My personal mail jonkarlp@heimsnet.is


All photographs are copyright, all rights reserved. My photographs may NOT be reproduced and/or used in any way without written permission. If you want to buy a print of my images, contact me via email: jonkarlp@heimsnet.is


Please contact me if you are interested in using or purchasing any of my pictures.




photo exhibition on December 2012

My equipment


Olympus EVOLT E-510


Zuiko 14-42mm and 40-150mm

flash Olympus FL-36



Olympus OM-D E - M5


M.Zuiko Digital ED 12 - 50 mm f 3,5 - 6.3 EZ.

Sigma 70-300mm F4-5.6